Talk about sex with your partner

Communication is very important for a relationship to be stable and healthy. If you and your partner are having sexual difficulties, talking about it can help. A sincere conversation about sex with your partner will encourage both of you to open up and share your feelings and thoughts about it.

For this conversation to be effective and not a source of disputes, you should not moralize or reproach your partner. Focus on sexual problems as problems to solve together instead of criticizing and blaming your partner. If you have a complaint, be careful, respectful and constructive, and this will strengthen the relationship instead of destroying it. It is also important to choose the right time for this conversation. The main thing is that both are not in a hurry and are in a good mood to talk about sex.

Talk to your partner about your preferences in bed, what you would like to experience, new postures, the use of erotic toys. Ask your partner about what he or she would like to try.

Talk about the changes that occur in the body and that somehow affect sexual life (such as those during menopause, for example). Or if you are a man and no longer have an erection as easily as before, show your partner how to stimulate you.

Establishing good communication with your partner is the first step not only for a better sex life, but also for a closer emotional bond. In a healthy love relationship, the couple talks about everything related to sex without either of them feeling pressured or disrespected. Therefore, talking with your partner about what you like and dislike in sex, and what your limits are, helps you build a healthy relationship and have a satisfying sex life.

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